For over three decades developing outstanding projects to help clients accomplish business goals across most industries and across the globe. High standards and able to deliver quality solutions timeously. With a focus to simplify client business system architecture. Projects are managed transparently and cost effective.

With a modular LEAN bottom up approach to continuous process improvement and avoiding endless boardroom meetings the software development cycle is rapid with short term goals and incremental improvement.
Improving and extending your exisiting software is not only more productive but more cost effective than replacing your entire ERP system.
Just because a technology consultant speaks a language you think you aught to understand and appears to be impressive, don't assume the advise comes from an holistic approach to your specific business needs.

How you and your staff run your daily business, and your management style is far more important than technology and cannot be replaced by rapid changing technology.

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  1. Analyse and Plan: Your snaglist is as important as your wishlist. Identify the key areas where small process improvement can add value. Never underestimate the input of your staff, the people on the factory floor. Holisiticly look at the entire business but improve one process at a time. Too much change at a time is a recipe for failure.
  2. Code: Keep it simple. Don't re-invent the wheel.
  3. Build: Build & deploy the software in an environment matching the production environment
  4. Test: Running automated test can reduce testing time but also test real world users.
  5. Release: Introduce the client to the new features. Train them where required
  6. Deploy: Update the production environment. Beware of possible downtime.
  7. Operate: Allow the user to use the new feature
  8. Monitor: Keep an eye on everything from security to the error logs. Get regular feedback from users and system performance.

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Continuous improvement model reflects the idea that organizations should undertake incremental improvements to services, products, and processes. It applies to every industry and size of business.

There are a host of methodologies that businesses use to bring structure to the process of identifying and acting upon opportunities for improvement.

You may be familiar with Six Sigma, Kaizen, Lean, Toyota Production System, and others. Although these methodologies differ, the foundation of each of them is the continuous improvement model.

Six central principles guide it:

  1. Improvements are based on small changes rather than major paradigm shifts or new inventions
  2. Employee ideas are valuable
  3. Incremental improvements are typically inexpensive to implement
  4. Employees take ownership and are involved in improvement
  5. Improvement is reflective
  6. Improvement is measurable and potentially repeatable

Read the full article by Maggie Millard:
Six Core Principles of the Continuous Improvement Model

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In a joint venture with industrial engineer and a LEAN specialist from LEAN MAN Academy, Petrus Burger, various manufacturing, administrative & accounting processes were improved.

Under the guidance of Petrus, management and staff at Gear Pump Manufacturing in Epping were educated towards LEAN management and manufacturing.

Some key areas at GPM that came under the spotlight:

  • Supply Chain and Real Time Tracking of deliveries
  • Sales Order Tracking throughout the production and delivery workflow
  • Improving CAM design and machine uploads
  • Scheduled and unplanned downtime
  • Machine Runtimes
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Product Specifications
  • Linux, Python, PHP, MySQL to current Windows Server and Syspro Accounting integration.
  • Technology in Cloud and Hybrid SAAS, PAAS & IAAS DevOps concept coaching. AN introduction of Project Management and colaboration tools like Trello.
  • Review of Access control and monitoring devices.
  • GEAR PUMP MANUFACTURING - Website GPM: +27 21 531 9330 Petrus: 071 489 2800

    Improved realtime cloud based reporting on the CIP Vending Machine comsumption at GPM included:

    • Linux integration with the current CIP Microsoft Windows Server OS.
    • Python services for real time reporting.
    • Trends reports on Vending Machine issues
  • CIP - Carbide Industrial Products - Website

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  • The Lounge Business Hub provides an all inclusive business service to local businesses in Wellington. Our services are unique as we are not only in the cloud but real humans adding value to small to medium sized businesses.

    Outsourcing Services that is suitable and affordable for most industries. With a pool of candidates we provide expert temp, contract, freelance and permanent resources like:

    1. Sales & Marketing
    2. Digital Marketing
    3. Software & IT Services
      • Software as a Service (SAAS)
      • Platform as a Service (PAAS)
      • Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS)
    4. Training & Coaching
      • Digital Marketing
      • Microsoft Office Products
      • Cloud Computing
      • Web Design & Software Development
    5. Bookkeeping & Accounting
    6. Human Resources
    7. Compliance: POPI ACT, GDPR, BEE, Health & Safety