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    As you can see, we don't focus much on how things look , but how things work . We still working on our bootstrap css skills. Dull, cold, black and white info bubbled up from the backend. This is built on the awesome Python Flask micro web framework. We so love Python the css seems boring.

    If you want to help us with the styling, or have an interest to learn. And some python on the side. Don't be shy, contact us.

    Some students working on this project are volunteers. Pop us a message if you would like to join or want more information on our inhouse training.

    Some of our students are offered opportunities in the international outsourcing team

    If you are skilled and want to join, contact us. They are woking on many exciting projects, remotely from home.

    If you want to learn, obtain Google, AWS or Microsoft certification our team will be delighted to share our skills. You gain experience and while you learning you help us at the same time.

    Students and the Outsourcing team, are from all over the world:
  • Australia Germany India Netherlands Philippines SA Uganda Zimbabwe
  • Android

  • # Android App in the oven! So is the one for iOS. We are building those in Python too.