At The Code Factory the primary focus during the web and desktop application development cycle is solution architecture, functionality, security and optimal performance. Second but not less important is graphic design and user experience to enhance the look and feel of the solution.

With a modular LEAN bottom up approach to continuous process improvement and avoiding endless boardroom meetings the software development cycle is rapid with short term goals and incremental improvement.
Improving and extending your exisiting software is not only more productive but more cost effective than replacing your entire ERP system.
Just because a technology consultant speaks a language you think you aught to understand and appears to be impressive, don't assume the advise comes from an holistic approach to your specific business needs.

How you and your staff run your daily business, and your management style is far more important than technology and cannot be replaced by rapid changing technology.


How many applications do you have? Almost every device these days have some supporting cloud based application. These applications, either desktop or mobile or both, are sometimes mind-blowing with incredible features. You may however spend more time monitoring your systems than performing productive work.

Integrating your existing software and people is far more effective and you will avoid being locked into huge costly Rolls-Royce solutions. Often with functionality and bells and whistles that you may never need.

Keep a good balance between what worked for you in the past with modern technology that will be replaced by new technology trends.

Keep in mind, industry dictates technology


Local Bly Lekker met ons hoofkantoor in Wellington, in die hartjie van die Wynland. Ons spannetjie is pure Afrikaners met ordentlike beginsels en integriteit. Ons praat nie net uitmuntende programmerings tale soos Python, COBOL, JAVA, C++, C#, JavaScript, Delphi, Visual Basic, SQL, GLang, JQuery nie, maar Afrikaans is ons huistaal en ons is trots daarop.

Ons is nie net virtuelle robots iewers in die wolke nie, daar sal een van ons konsultante beskikbaar wees in jou omgewing.

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Benefits of integrating laboratory instruments with ERP Sales and Purchase order modules

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

Benefits of integrating laboratory instruments with ERP Sales and Purchase order modules